Lake Powidzkie belongs to the most beautiful regions of Wielkopolska, due to its location, allowed nature to survive in a state almost intact, natural. The lake and village of Powidz attracts tourists for an overnight stay, wishing to rest in peace and quiet, in close contact with nature.

Our tourist base is an ideal starting point for places such as:

  • Piastowski Trail – In the heart of "MAIOR POLONIA" – Great Poland is located a unique trail – called the Piast Trail. Among the hundreds of other trails, this one is unique.

In the area where the Piast Trail runs, there are traces of human functioning since the end of paleolithic. The oldest find was discovered in the area of Modliszewek (a village north of Gniezno) – their chronology dates back to the second half of the 10th century before Christ.

An important place on the trail is also the open-air exposition in Biskupin. It performs a multi-function function. It is an excellent proof of the functioning of people in this area long before the creation of the Polish state. Thanks to this exhibition, it is possible to educate in the framework of civic science. In addition, the archaeological reserve in Biskupin a very important place for the world of science, for historical education, as well as an example of the use of monuments in politics and for propaganda purposes and the awakening of national consciousness.

The trail begins in Poznan and continues north through:

– Pobiedziska, Moraczewo, Ostrów Lednicki, Gniezn
o- Trzemeszno, Mogilno, Strzelno, Kruszwi
ca- Inowrocław, Kościelec Kujawski, Pakość, Barc
in-Lubostroń, Żnin, Venice, Biskupin

  • Gniezno – The first capital of Poland offers many attractions, such as the Gniezno Cathedral, the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State;
  • Venice – Narrow Gauge Railway, the ruins of the medieval castle of the "Venetian devil";
  • Ostrów Lednicki – Relics of the oldest preromanecal palace-sacred architecture in Poland;
  • Licheń Stary – Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lichen;
  • Zaurolandia (Rogowo) – The largest Dinosaur Park in Poland;